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There’s no need to spend a fortune on baby gifts – you can easily make them yourself! Here are some baby craft ideas that are perfect for preschool and  nursery level Childs.

1. Baby booties – These are a fun and easy way to show your infant’s personality. All you need are some colorful felt or fleece fabric, a pair of scissors, and a glue gun. Cut a small opening in the back of each bootie, and then glue on some colorful felt or fabric tabs.

2. Paper plate cupcake tower – These are the perfect baby gift – not only are they cute, but they’re also nutritious and easy to make. All you need is some paper plates, cake mix, eggs, and milk, and you’re ready to go! Simply put the ingredients in a bowl, pour batter into the paper plates, and bake as usual.

3. Painting with water – This is a fun and simple activity that will keep your infant entertained for hours. All you need is some watercolor paints and some paper plates. Simply wet the paper plates and then start painting! Your infant will love watching the colors merge on the paper plate as they play.